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Join us Saturday, April 27 at 10:00 for a free brunch and the opportunity to hear about the mission work in Angola, conditions in Cuban Churches and about helping people through health education and free healthcare clinics in Africa.

Look forward to seeing you!


June 17, 2023
Health First Africa Missions Luncheon

Health First Africa Missions Luncheon was held on June 17 2023 at John Wesley United Methodist Church.  Icel Rodriguez and Pastor Latricia Scriven who are leading the past, present, and future Volunteers in Missions trips to

Quessua Angola reported on the success of the projects at, and around, the Quessua Mission and Clinic staffed by our missionary doctors, the Garcias.  Last yeas projects built a well and a school/chapel building in a remote village, and distributed 1,000 Plumpy Nut nutrition packs to children.  This year they are growing 7 acres of peanuts to locally make nutrition packages for malnourished children and the elderly.  There are also Tilapia fishponds.  This year’s medical teams provided cataract surgery, dentistry, and women’s self-defense classes.  Malaria prevention training is ongoing focus on youth projects.  Latricia’s team will be delivering prescription eye glasses. We praise God for this homegrown non-profit that funds medicines and project funding to Africa.  The free luncheon took in donations nearly totaling $4,000!​Please see Barbara Williams (HFAM Treasurer) for more information.

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